Panera Bread Locations Near You

Panera Bread Locations

When I am feeling down or in need of cheering up there is one place I go to to get me out of my funk. That being and of the Panera Bread locations I may be close to. That’s right, for me that’s my version of comfort food. You can leave the meatloaf and mashed potatoes to someones else, I’d rather have a piping hot cup of java, a turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwich, and a French Onion soup. It doesn’t really get any better than that does it?

I am a very luck person. I have three Panera Bread locations very close to me. One of them is close to my home. I can literally walk there and I often do. That is the one I go to to have their breakfast. Though many people may not realize it, the Panera Bread menu is also know for their breakfast menu. For lunch, I have one a couple of blocks from my office. I usually also walk there with my co-worker who also loves eating there. We usually go there at least a couple of time a week. Then for Dinner, I go to a Panera Bread restaurant that is close to my daughter’s ballet class. After I pick her up, we meet my husband there.

You Can Find Panera Bread Locations On The Internet

The reason we go there so often is because we often find online coupons for Panera Bread on the Internet. The Panera Bread coupons we get help save us a lot of money. Panera coupon can also be found in a variety of other places. Try looking for them in the advertising section of your local Sunday paper or in the mail. Don’t throw wither away with the trash before you check and see if the ere are some of them or other restaurant coupons inside. I have saved money by turning in fast food coupons such as these through the years. Don’t be shy; they want you to use the Panera Bread coupon you find.

You might not even realize you have a few Panera Bread locations close to you. They are convenient to visit as the Panera Bread hours of operation make it inviting. Go often and try someone new each time you go. Don’t forget to bring a a Panera coupon with you if you get one!

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